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So I've signed the pledge... now what? 8 ways to take part in Weigh Free May!

With only a few days until Weigh Free May begins, here are some ways you can be a part of our first ever campaign.

1) Talk to others!

First and foremost, Weigh Free May is supposed to be about talking to the people around you. Use it as an excuse to start a conversation about how much you love them the way they are, and how awesome life could be if we stopped worrying about our bodies not being good enough. Use the hashtag #WeighFreeMay on social media.

2) Pick up positive habits

Check out the 31 Things To Do Instead Of Weighing Yourself This May graphic! It's designed to work kind of like an advent calendar of positive new behaviours.

Try one on for size per day, and see if you enjoy any of them enough to start a new habit! They'll all make your life fuller and richer than dieting ever could.

3) Make some art

I'd love for body positive art to become a part of the Weigh Free May tradition. Draw, paint, take a photo, write a poem, decorate your bathroom scales, cross-stitch, leave beautiful notes to yourself on your mirror, compose a song, make your own posters, edit a selfie. Put your creative energy into spreading a message of self-love! Tag your creations #WeighFreeArt if you want them shared on the Weigh Free May social pages.

4) Stick up some posters

The posters in the Downloads section of our website are perfect for those of us who would love to spread the Weigh Free May message but hate confrontation. Blu-tac them anywhere: home, school, bus stops, offices, public notice boards. If you have a particularly diet-focussed co-worker or family member, the Diet Free Zone poster could be just the reminder they need.

5) Follow along on social media

There will be daily Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts throughout May. Some will be encouraging, some will be educational, and some will be the stories that others have shared about their journey to self-love. Follow us, share anything that really speaks to you, and be part of the conversation.

6) Try to call out diet culture

This is a tough one, but so important if we want to see real change. Next time you hear someone saying they want to lose weight, or making a joke about how they'll need to work off their afternoon tea, see if you can gently ask them why. Even better, try and insert some facts into the conversation to get them thinking. "Did you know that talking negatively about your body has been proven to exacerbate disordered eating and body dissatisfaction but hasn't actually been linked to making 'healthier' choices?"

7) Fundraise!

Our friends at Anti-Diet Riot Club in the UK have suggested seeking sponsorship for Weigh Free May. Reckon you could convince your friends and family to sponsor you giving up diet talk and starting another new habit? Follow Anti-Diet Riot Club's pages for updates!

8) Pat yourself on the back

In a world where billions of dollars are spent each year to convince us we aren't good enough, self-love is HARD. Even if you are far from accepting your body, trying to is huge. Well done, you.