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Hey, I’m Grace - a 25-year-old almost-lawyer from Perth, WA.


The idea of Weigh-Free May came about when I was in the early stages of my recovery from almost a decade of an eating disorder. Letting go of diet mentality was a watershed moment for me. But it made me realise how many people (friends, colleagues, family, strangers…) talk about how they want to lose weight, or feel too fat, or hate their bodies.


My dream for Weigh-Free May is that it might give us a way to transform those moments: the ones where your workmates talk about how bad they are for eating cake, or your friend laments that she has “failed” another diet. I’d love to give people a reason to explain why they’ve decided to ditch diet culture for good, and to encourage their friends and family to join them - even if they only try it for a month.


Body positivity has changed my life. I’m happier, stronger and more myself now that I know I don’t need to change myself. I’m learning more about intersectional feminism, fat activism, and Health At Every Size every day - and I’m excited to be sharing that journey with so many amazing people.



My name is Lizzie, I'm very soon to be 30 and I work in the very exciting world of insurance. I’m a keen traveller and I love nothing more than being out in nature.

I am passionate about Weigh Free May as I have wasted and continue to waste so much of my life feeling upset about my appearance. In the last few years I have really challenged my values and beliefs relating to weight and beauty. I have just started my journey towards body positivity and self-acceptance. I still have a long way to go but I want more than anything for the youth of today to grow up in a world where they are predominantly valued and judged for their personality not their looks. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where magazines had headlines such as ’10 hacks to be a kinder person’?

So this May I will ditch the scales, enjoy food without guilt, and forgive myself if I do weigh myself or have body anxiety. 



Hi, I’m Xanthe. I’m a 26 year old lawyer and pet-mum from Perth. 

I’m passionate about Weigh Free May’s messages of body positivity, self-care and holistic ideas of what health is because as a young woman I have spent most of my life trying to unlearn and ignore negative messages about what a healthy body should look like. 

I hope that by supporting Weigh-Free May and encouraging people to ditch the scales, we can help people of all ages, identities and backgrounds to love their bodies for what they are.

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Hello! My name is Alison Dorr and I am 54 years old. First and foremost, I’m a mum of two daughters, a Montessori teacher, and a feminist amongst other labels. My struggles with weight began with a “chubby”childhood, followed by anorexia and bulimia in university in my 20’s.

Somewhere along the way, I ditched the scales, redefined my relationship with food and, lately, fallen in love with yoga.

As a Mum of two girls, I made a conscious decision to not focus on weight or dieting. Instead, we enjoyed a balanced approach to food and an attitude toward exercise as a means of assisting mental health.

While I still have my food struggles, I am delighted to be included in this fabulous committee with its inspiring mission. Let’s all ditch the scales and embrace life. 💜

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Annabel still owes us a bio! (She's been too busy battling diet culture.) Hopefully you'll be able to learn more about her soon.

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Hey I’m Britt! I’m a 27 year old student dietitian in Perth, Western Australia.

I ditched the scales 3 years ago after being on the diet bandwagon for 15 years. I’ve suffered with disordered eating since I was 13, and have tried every diet under the sun. 3 years ago I came across the Health At Every Size movement, and began my process of healing. Now I’m an advocate for body positivity, the non-diet approach, and of course; Weigh-Free May.

For me, sharing the message of body acceptance, and ‘ditching the scales’ is vital to embracing and empowering ourselves. Imagine if we all stopped thinking about dieting and negative body image, and actually just enjoyed our lives? What amazing things would we achieve if our mental capacity wasn’t constantly focused on our weight?

All bodies deserve love and respect. All bodies deserve to enjoy food and experience the joy of eating. Regardless of weight. I’m part of Weigh-Free May to share this message.

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Hi! I’m Grace, a 24 year old campaigner and wonderful mum to my cat-son, Dickens. I am incredibly passionate about Weigh Free May’s message of self-love and body positivity.


The way we feel about our bodies should not be dependent on how much we weigh or what size clothing we buy. I hope that Weigh Free May can encourage people to ditch the scales and love themselves for who they are (because we’re all fab). 

Committee Member


Hi, my name is Sally, I’m a 31 years old plant loving, dog mum from Perth, Western Australia. I have a background in health promotion but recently began working for a not for profit supporting unpaid carers in the community. 

I joined the Weigh-Free May committee because I want to support an initiative that helps others to discover the power of ditching the scales, and learning to accept their body as it is and for what it can do, not what it looks like.

Throughout my early 20's I struggled with very poor body image and a terrible relationship with food. Luckily I found Health At Every Size and the body positivity movement which helped me to realise I didn’t have to put my life on hold, or continue to spend my time and energy agonising over what I looked like, what I weighed and what I ate.

I am so much happier and healthier (physically and mentally) now that I am free from diet culture. I hope that Weigh-Free May will help others to find this freedom.

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