Weigh-Free May is one part challenge, one part movement.

The idea is that for one calendar month - May, obvs - we encourage women and men to ditch diet culture, step off the scales and embrace themselves exactly as they are.


We know that weigh-ins and BMIs are an unreliable indicator of someone’s overall health. We also know that dieting and fat-shaming often have an extremely negative impact on our psychological health. But we’re still all obsessed with dropping weight.

What if all that negative, self-hating energy was turned towards something positive? What if, instead of trying to lose weight, we all put energy into chasing the dreams that will make us happier, more well-rounded individuals? Learning a language, practicing meditation, trying that dance class, spending more time with family, meeting new people, volunteering... how amazing could the world be if we all pursued those dreams with the same passion and intensity as losing weight?

It's Weigh-Free May's mission to encourage people to do just that. We want to give people a reason to question the way they think and feel about their bodies, and to prove that they are so much more than what they look like. 


Weigh-Free May was founded by Grace Ritter in 2018. She was in the early stages of recovery from an eating disorder, and was looking for a way to kickstart conversations with her friends and family about the dangers of diet culture.

In 2019, the Weigh-Free May Committee was formed. Weigh-Free May is now run by badass volunteers who are determined to spread the message of body positivity, self-care and Health At Every Size.

Weigh-Free May is an incorporated Not-For Profit, and we're hoping it will soon become a registered charitable organisation.


We're based in Perth, Western Australia but we're using the power of the internet to connect with people around the world.


So glad you asked! The first step is to sign the Weigh-Free May Pledge and commit to self-love this May. You can do that here. 


You can also follow along on our social media pages, where we'll be sharing information, stories and stats year-round (but especially throughout the month of May).

At its heart, Weigh-Free May is about starting conversations. So the best way to get involved is to start meaningful conversations with your friends and family about diet culture and body image during May. Why not download one of our posters to stick to the fridge, or hold a 'Shame Free Morning Tea'?

This year, we'll be running some events to celebrate Weigh-Free May. Keep an eye on our social media or the Events page on this website to stay up to date.

If you have any other ideas on how you would like to get involved, please do get in touch! We are keen to make Weigh-Free May as inclusive and collaborative as possible!

© 2018 by Grace Ritter

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